COVID-19 Cost in USA: Average Treatment Cost, PCR Test Cost, and More [2023 Updated]

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, is the most popular topic for internet users all over the globe. Due to its high cost, this is a serious virus that can infect several thousand Americans. A recent study found that coronavirus treatment costs an average of US$30,000 per patient hospitalized in the US. This is a nightmare for the poor and those with high debt. This virus could also cost the US billions in medical expenses.

According to the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, if a large portion of the US population is infected by a coronavirus (COVID-19), it could cost US$654 trillion to the US.

The COVID-19 test cost varies in the US

The COVID-19 test cost varies in the US
COVID-19 test cost varies in US

According to several news outlets and newspapers, the cost of a coronavirus test in the US varies from one city to another and from lab to lab. Gibson Diagnostic Labs, Irving, Texas, charged testing fees up to US$6,946. The lab admitted that they had made a mistake and charged three times the base rate to patients.

A COVID-19 test of the same quality cost US$100 at one laboratory in a part of the US. Why? Why is the US government not concerned about the regulation of healthcare prices?

The cost in Texas ranges from US$27 to US$2,315.

Some lucky patients were free of charge because the local government offered it to them.

What do they have to say about Medicare and Healthcare Providers?

The US COVID-19 cost is a huge liability and burden for Americans. Medicare paid US$51.31 for the initial COVID-19 test. In mid-April however, the fees jumped to US$100.

Surprise! Some Texas emergency rooms charged patients between US$500 and US$990 for coronavirus testing.

Texas: Texas has a high COVID-19 test bill

Texas has been identified as one state in which multiple insurance companies received large bills for COVID-19 testing. These labs charged an average of US$1,114 for a coronavirus test.

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