LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia: What is Average Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Surgery can be used to correct vision. This procedure is used to correct vision problems. It involves reshaping your cornea to allow light to pass through the retina to the eye. Common eye conditions such as myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia, and astigmatism can be treated with surgery. Saudi Arabia has a wide range of health insurance plans that cover the cost of expensive medical facilities. It is important to fully understand the coverage and its conditions before purchasing health insurance.

What is the cost of laser eye surgery in Saudi Arabia? Is LASIK covered by any health insurance plans in Saudi Arabia? These are some of the most common questions so please read our next section for information about Laser Eye Surgery Prices in Saudi Arabia. The choice of procedure and any inclusions made in the final cost will greatly impact the cost of the surgery.

LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia

LASIK Cost in Saudi Arabia

What is the cost of laser eye surgery in Saudi Arabia? The LASIK cost in Saudi Arabia is approximately $1950 per eye. The cost of LASIK in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on the type of technology used. The following table will help you understand the technology-based cost.

Procedure Type Average Price Per Eye Typical Range Per Eye
Flapless $1750 $1300 to $2200
Wavefront Flapless $2000 $1650 to $2350
LASIK $1700 $1250 to $2150
Wavefront LASIK $2050 $1600 to $2500
IntraLASIK $2300 $1700 to $2900
Wavefront IntraLASIK $2400 $1850 to $2950

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

Vision insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Refractive surgery. We now need to understand the reasons LASIK surgery is not covered by health insurance. The elective LASIK eye procedure is not considered a vital treatment for health improvement. You may be eligible for coverage under certain insurance plans. It is a good idea to shop for insurance plans that meet your needs and are affordable.

Finance and LASIK

Many eye centers offer financing options for refractive surgeries like LASIK. Although the surgery might not seem affordable because it is not covered by insurance, there are many ways you can make LASIK affordable. These include 0 % financing EMI plans and personal loans, HSA or FSAs, special medical credit cards, and personal loans. Some centers offer both short EMI plans at zero interest rates and longer EMI plans at 10 to 12% interest rates. You can pick the finance plan that suits your needs.

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