Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in NYC: How much does LASIK surgery cost in New York City

Lasik eye surgery cost in NYC is an issue that concerns almost everyone. New York City has several laser eye centers to serve local needs. The surgery is performed in many NYC hospitals and clinics using advanced equipment with highly trained doctors. This is something you should consider when considering having an eye operation anywhere in the world.

How much does LASIK surgery cost? This is the most common question that people ask due to the high cost of healthcare in America. Before you decide to have your eye surgery, many factors will affect the cost of your procedure.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in NYC
Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in NYC

General Cost of Lasik Surgery In NYC

The cost of surgery in the healthcare industry is determined by the expertise of the surgeon and the technology they use. Currently, LASIK in New York City can cost between $1500 and $3000 per eye.

This price range includes all advanced technology equipment used in the hospital. This is a bladeless method of surgery that poses very little risk to the patient.

New York is the most expensive city for Lasik Surgery.

New York has a high standard of living. This is a costly procedure for those with lower incomes.

Over the past few decades, many people have chosen to save money and opt for Lasik surgery elsewhere. This all depends on the patient’s wishes and conditions.

Lasik Eye Surgery Costs / How to Lower them

You can also negotiate directly with the hospital or clinic. Some hospitals and clinics offer interest-free finance for 12 or 24 months (or monthly payments). Some centers offer plans to pay off surgery debt within three, four, or five years.

Popular Lasik Centres in NYC

This list is based on user reviews (Google). Below are a few of the most popular NYC Lasik centers / LASIK surgeon hospitals.

Lasik Surgery Costs in NYC by Centers

This section provides information on the cost of surgery at each center. This cost section will be expanded to include more centers.

LASIK Vision Institute Custom Lasik One Eye US$899; Custom Lasik Two Eyes US$1799

Ken Moadel, M.D. New York Eye Specialists All-Laser Custom LASIK Eye Surgery For Both Eyes $2495.

Belmont Eye Center (Lenox Hill NY): $2,000 Towards Lasik Eye Surgery, $1,500 Towards No-Cut Lasik Eye Surgery.

Manhattan Lasik Center, Midtown East: PRK/LASIK Surgery for Both Eyes. Includes Consultation and Procedure $4000. Smile Laser Vision Correction $5500

Long Island Vision Specialists (Rockville Centre).:PRK Custom Vision Correct for Both Eyes $2500. Custom Bladed LASIK for Both Eyes 3000. Custom Bladeless LASIK for Both Eyes 3500.

Diamond Vision, Midtown Manhattan: Custom Laser Surgery for Both Eyes $2570. Custom LASIK surgery for both eyes with a Lifetime Guarantee of $3270. PRK Custom Vision Treatment for Both Eyes $2965, PRK Vision Correction For Both Eyes With a Lifetime Guarantee of $3670.

Please call the eye center for final costs. Prices and costs may be affected by deals. They are subject to change without notice. This Lasik price is provided only as a guideline and should not be taken to be final.


Which is the best NYC lasik center?

This is completely dependent on your eye condition and budget.

What are the prices of lasik in NYC?

Each centre offers its own package of surgery and charges.

How long does lasik stay?

Lasik offers a longer solution for better vision and best health.

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