Maloney Shamie Vision Institute LA: PRK Cost, LASIK Cost, Contact Details and More

Maloney Shamie Vision Institute can be found at Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. Dr. Robert Maloney, Dr. Shamie and Dr. Shamie combined have performed over 75,000 vision corrections in their careers. This is a remarkable achievement for any eye surgeon in America.

You should verify that your insurance company offers LASIK coverage. Unfortunately, the majority of American health insurance companies do not cover LASIK surgery. Let’s find out more about Maloney Shamie Vision Institute Los Angeles, including costs for PRK and LASIK.

LASIK Price: What Does It Cost at Maloney Shamie Vision Institute?

It is a crucial question: how much does it cost to get there? The cost of LASIK varies between centers, even within Los Angeles. The cost of LASIK depends on the experience of the doctor, the center, the technology used, and the financial options chosen.

According to their website, LASIK costs vary. One patient was charged approximately US$3300 for each eye. One patient, however, was charged US$6400 to have his vision corrected.

List Of Distance Vision Correction Procedures

The center offers a variety of distance vision correction methods, including LASIK and All Laser LASIK.

List Of Available Cataract Procedures

They offer cataract surgery which includes: Cataract Removal, Laser Cataract Surgery, and Multi-Focal Lenses. Accommodating Lenses are also available.

A List of Reading Vision Procedures

There are several reading-vision procedures available, including Kamra Inlay and Monovision Correction.

A List of Cornea Procedures

The center offers a variety of cornea procedures, including Cornea Transplant and Collagen Cross Linking.

Contact Details

Contact them here if you have any questions or comments, or would like to find out more. You can visit them in person by noting Centre Address 10921 Wilshire Boulevard. #900, Los Angeles CA 90024.

To talk with them on the telephone, save their Phone Number: 310-882-6365/310-208-3937. We do not yet have their email address.

Social Media Accounts

You can find them on all major social media platforms. You can find their links on Facebook and TwitterYouTube and Instagram.

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